Summer Garden

Things are shaping up well in the garden!

Veggie garden

Pippin is usually pretty content to hang out while I work, as long as he’s got a perch so he can see what’s going on.

Pippin on a chair

A quarter of the garden was dedicated to sweet corn, which I planted with pole beans and miniature pumpkins in the “three sisters” style.


The corn is growing beautifully; I only hope the deer don’t discover it. So far their tracks have not been anywhere near the garden, but I’m sure they will show up eventually.


I have a huge amount of summer squash of different types, and it should be enough to compensate for all the bugs that are going to show up. Like the potato beetles in the flower here…

Squash flower

… and the squash beetles who have already found the plants and began laying eggs.

Squash beetle eggs

A lot of my summer squash is growing out of the compost heap, so the varieties are cross-pollinated hybrids of straight-neck, patty pan, and zucchini, resulting in soem odd shapes and colors.

Summer squash

I did get a few plants in from seed so I’ll be guaranteed some regular zucchini!


I’m trying a new kind of trellis for the tomatoes, using bamboo sticks. I am not sure they’ll be strong enough, and I may need to adjust later in the summer once the plants are larger.

Trellised tomatoes

I remembered to give some support to the tomatillos too… they don’t really need it as far as production goes, but it is so much easier to harvest them later when they are not sprawling everywhere.



I can almost taste the fresh veggies!

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