Getting on in the Garden

The garden is bountiful, and I have an abundance of summer squash!

Squash harvest

I thinned the carrots and got an early treat, though these little ones were pretty bitter. I am hoping the full-size ones later in the season will taste better. The mottled green-and-yellow thing is pretty; must be a cross between zucchini and yellow straight-neck summer squash.


The tomato plants are growing really well, though it has been very rainy and I’m worried that will have an adverse effect once they set fruit.

Tomato flower

We do have cherry tomatoes developing!

Green cherry tomato

I started a few cabbages from seed, which I was not very confident about, but they seem to be doing okay so far.


The sweet corn is starting to tassel, and the pole beans are climbing the stalks and flowering as well.

Corn and beans

Tomatillos are doing awesome, as expected, with dozens of little yellow flowers everywhere.

Tomatillo flower

With the cooler and rainier weather I planted more radishes, which is not usually something you’d do in July. Worst case, though, is that I’ll wind up with some really spicy radishes!

Radish sprouts

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