Emerging Edibles

Ahh, the first veggies of spring! I have no shame in admitting I mostly grow radishes because they are fast and make me feel productive. I mean, I eat them, sure, but the pleasure of eating them is a distant second to that of actually pulling them out of the dirt and saying “look, I made this happen!” Another week and I should be experiencing that joy.


Meanwhile, all the veggies I am really excited about… tomatoes and peppers… have been chilling in a window for a while.


We got the garden tilled at the beginning of May, and I formed it into these shapely mounds and rows of dirt.

Bare Garden

At last it’s looking green! Although… most of the green you see here is weeds. I mulched with a ton of straw, but weeds are persistent little things.


Back in my straw bale greenhouse/cold frame, I have the tomato and pepper seedlings hardening off. Time to get them in the ground, I say!

Tomato Seedling

I also have some basil started from seed. I sowed some directly, and it should have been up by now, so this is my backup plan.


The last couple years I tried growing sweet corn, which was devoured by deer… and pole beans, which were devoured by Japanese beetles. You’d think I would just take the hint, but nope, trying again! This time I am doing a “three sisters” planting. The corn should support the beans and the beans will enrich the corn. The third sister in this group is pumpkin, whose leaves should shade the ground, keeping it cool and stopping weeds from coming up. I have my doubts about the weed control, but we’ll see.

Three Sisters Planting

I had some random arugula seed so that went in near the radishes. I will probably forget about it, then it will bolt and be useless. Maybe the sheep will like it?


I had a compost pile going last year with chunks of old manure we dug out of the barn, where I tossed all the rotten and overgrown veggies I couldn’t use. That pile got tilled up with the rest of the garden, and before I knew it, volunteer squash started popping up everywhere. I actually thinned them out quite a bit, but I count eight plants right here.


They have started making flowers and tiny little squashlets! They are all cross-pollinated, so I am not sure what they will look like. I’m hoping for some really crazy looking veggies that are worthy of the mutant vegetable hashtag over on Instagram.


What’s not pictured? Some bottle gourds, tomatillos, carrots, cucumbers, and the normal zucchini and summer squash. I hope everything catches up!

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