Close-up with the Rhododendrons

Almost every day for the last week I have spotted a hummingbird and a yellow swallowtail butterfly flitting around the rhododendrons, but I have yet to catch either on camera. There is, however, an abundance of life among the blossoms, so I set out with my morning coffee to capture some of it.


Bumble bees are the easiest to spot, and I usually hear them before I see them.

Bumble Bee on Rhododendron

Bee on Rhododendron

There are a number of other bees, both large and small, but most are too quick for me.

Bee on Rhododendron

Bee on Rhododendron

I was not too happy when this wasp sat down next to my coffee, but she didn’t stay long.

Brown Wasp

There are a few spiders hiding out among the flowers.

Spider on Rhododendron

I don’t know what this green bug is; I wonder if it’s responsible for the chewed up leaf it’s sitting on.

Bug on Rhododendron

A few flies periodically stop by, of course, but not for long. I’m sure they find better digs over at the barn.

Fly on Rhododendron

Lots of ants crawling everywhere is no surprise!

Ant on Rhododendron

Last is a silver-spotted skipper, a pretty little butterfly, if a bit plain compared to its showier relatives.

Butterfly on Rhododendron

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