Pasture Pastimes

All the animals at our place are together for the summer! Rams, ewes, lambs, donkeys, and goat in one big group.

Pasture Animals

Kara spent a couple weeks walking around on her knees due to an injury, we think. I’m so happy to see her up and about on all four feet now, I don’t even mind those wild eyes of hers anymore!

Icelandic Ewe

Belle’s twin ewe lambs have the prettiest little ringlets in their wool. Their personalities are showing, too. The closer one is friendly and curious, but her sister is shy and usually hangs back.

Icelandic Lambs

Raphaela is standing with one of her ewe lambs here. On the other side is our largest ram lamb (from Kara), who is almost as tall as the other ewes now, and the smallest (from Winifred).

Ewe and Lambs

Where’s Starbuck? Trying to find a better meal than what the pasture provides. The grass (or weeds?) is definitely greener on the other side of that fence.

Goat in Fence

Daisy and Delilah are around here somewhere, too, trying to hide in the tall grass.


Cornelius is checking out his competition. One of Kara’s lambs will replace their father, Rocky, as a breeding ram, but we’re not yet sure which one.

Icelandic Rams

I don’t know about the ewes, but these guys know how to woo me. Who could resist those sugar lips! 🙂

Icelandic Lamb

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