About Me

blogimgI’m Laura Walsh, a 30-something writer and designer. I’ve lived and travelled around the world, but have returned to my roots in the midwest. I’ve assembled a top-notch team to farm 77 acres in Stockbridge, Michigan. Current participants include my rugged Aussie husband, a puppy, two donkeys, one goat, fifteen sheep, and an outdoor cat who thinks he’s a lion. There are, of course, more who have come and gone.

I originally started writing on Blogger to document, start to finish, the huge vegetable garden I planted at my mom’s farm in 2013. When my husband and I bought a place of our own, it was clear there would be much more to write about than just the garden, and it was time to move to my own domain. So I imported all the posts from the previous blog and began adding to it. And here I am!